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October Series: Go Beyond

RYM’s October series is about going beyond what is typical and stepping into extraordinary.

Week 1

Today’s message is all about getting you to go beyond your conveniences and embracing commission, compassion, and completion! 

Devotional and Prayer Handout Week 1

Week 2

Today’s message is titled: Go Beyond Your Borders. To do this you must first identify who you are, then you have to see beyond yourself and not make anymore excuses. 

Devotional and Prayer Handout Week 2

Week 3

This message is part three of this series and is called “Go Beyond Your Fears,” and it’s not so much about your fear as it is what you choose to do with that fear. Fear is a virus that runs contrary to how God created us to live. Students can’t “Go Beyond their Convenience,” and they can’t “Go Beyond their Borders” with fear resident in their lives. 

Devotional and Prayer Handout Week 3


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