eight biblical principles .

Every year RYM communicates eight biblical principles to our teens from the basis of our mission and behavior (Core Values). Our teaching objective is to walk through each principle at least once a year to equip our teens with sound, biblical teaching to help shape their faith and guide them in making wise decisions. 


Evangelism is the term we use to refer to the preaching of the Gospel. It comes from the same Greek word for gospel (euangelion) and means, literally, “gospeling.” RYM desires to help students reach their generation through the spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Christianity is not limited to youth ministry. It relates to every area of life including  philosophy, history, science, ethics, politics, psychology, morality, entertainment, and athletics. It's our job to help teens apart of RYM to understand just this!

Jesus’ Life and Teaching

Many students are familiar with the birth, the crucifixion, and the resurrection of Jesus. But this is where it often ends. There's so much more to Jesus - His beginning, His authority, His leadership, His teachings, and so much more! He is God and we want to make sure teens understand His life and His teachings.  


Christian teens form all kinds of relationships. From friendships to dating, these are the years that Christian teens start building ties outside of the family. Relationships can be a juggling act! RYM will instruct students on ways to form healthy relationships that will promote Godliness. 

Characters -

Book Studies

Mary, Moses, David, Ruth...Who are these people? Why are they important to the Bible? What did they accomplish and achieve? What were their fears and defeats? And what were their victories? The only way to find out is through studying God's word.  

Spiritual Life

Helping our teens grow spiritually is a big deal! Were talking spiritual habits here. Spiritual disciplines, quiet time, devotions . . . whatever you call it, RYM seek to teach students how to develop a few rhythms in life that will help them grow spiritually.

Hot Topics

In RYM, we address the stuff that's difficult to talk about! We schedule series through out the year to cover topics that make us nervous. We have chosen to move out of our teaching comfort zone because we know its important to show students a fuller picture of God’s love and will for their lives.

Church - 


Teaching teens about the church takes more than lessons and messages; there comes a time when they need to start putting their faith to action by actively serving God in church because they've grown to love the church! The church is a community; A great teaching ground for Christian servitude.

How will we succeed? .

We will succeed by keeping Jesus Christ at the center of everything we do and teenagers as our primary audience, maintaining a united front as a team, and by stewarding resources well.

RYM major 


New Year's Lock-In

RYM’s New Year’s Lock-In offers teenagers encouragement, and fellowship they need to passionately pursue Christ. From 10pm-8am teenagers will stay at the church and experience a night of full-planned out amazement! From a high-energy worship service to food, fun, and prizes teens will leave looking forward to the next one. 

Back 2 School Lock-In at Group Dynamix

RYM experiences an exciting array of group activities that are guaranteed to keep our teens going all night long. It’s the coolest way to spend 12-hours locked-in! RYM’s Back 2 School Lock-In at Group Dynamix offers our teens activities ranging from: High-energy games, group challenges ,low ropes challenges, team building activities, and so much more.

Kids Across America Kamp

At Kids Across America, it is our mission to build Christian leaders by encouraging, equipping, and empowering urban youth and their mentors through camping and education.

RYM Youth 


RYM conference offers teenagers encouragement, accountability, and the fellowship they need to passionately pursue Christ.  Worship services with messages pointing directly to the spiritual needs of teenagers, will definitely inspire teens in their walk with Christ. For the last night of the conference, Our hope is that teens will gather their friends who need to know Christ or who need a church home and bring them to hear the gospel.

Mission For A Day 

Mission For A Day is an outreach event created to give RYM and the family the opportunity to serve! Our hope is that you will help us encourage your teenager to gather their friends who need to know Christ or who need a church home and bring them to hear the gospel. 

Summer Mission Trip 

Summer Mission Trip happens every other Year. There is no better way to encourage RYM teens to live for Jesus other than to send them out to serve those who desperately need the love of Christ. Students will have the opportunity to repair and paint homes as well as churches; lead Vacation Bible School along with youth services. 


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